ARK Server RAID / WAR Rules Detail

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ARK Server RAID / WAR Rules Detail

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:55 pm

Raiding RULES
ARK server defines this as purposeful gain of loot, treasure, or inventory items to advance your tribe from another tribe without collecting them yourself.
1.) NO Offline RAIDING
If you are not sure they are all online - advise against raiding. IF you are not sure then advise against it.
Ensure you have properly taken the time to watch and scout the base of activity before doing so. Remember any disputed conflict of this – The server Admin can see log times of characters. So to try and say you were not online or say someone was – can be proven.
Exception: If a war has been declared (see war declaration rule) and Tribe leader has not posted cancellation (See War Cancel) thus resulting in members no begin online, this doesn't count.
2.) All RAIDING / WAR Times
Wars/raids can commence at any time between start to end (Unless event is scheduled)
END TIME - Sunday 9 PM CST
*Exception - WAR acceptance by both tribes outside of this time frame. There are no exceptions to outside this time for raiding. (see war rules)

This is a legit reason to declare war on another tribe. (SEE WAR RULES)

4.) RAIDING / WAR - Events
No raiding during scheduled event times (unless event posted exception otherwise)
If an act of war event will be in event – There will be no raiding or participating in tribes UNLESS you are listed as an official alliance tribe to one of the tribes. (see more on WAR rules)

If you understand the definition then you understand the purpose of RAIDING. The objective is to obtain the items.
*Dino's on passive, Dino's in pens, dinos not attacking (on passive) outside of pens on wandering are to not be killed out of spite/because you can.
*Structure damage is limited to gain access to the stash/storage in buildings and to the base itself - Do not destroy the entire building or fence just because you can.

If tribe calls out mic/text via global or emotes mercy / surrender - any destruction stops to get to storage and tribe is to open access to all storage / items you want for 30 minutes of free looting. After which your tribe must leave and no further destruction can happen. All online tribe members begin raided must also for over anything on their person or in their own inventory.

7.) RAIDING lower level
IF the tribe look obviously smaller or less advanced that your own. This is considered breaking the golden rule. Don’t be a douchebag.

While we wanted to allow this rule - there are dishonest people out there unfortunately. To say that nothing applied if the door is left open could just open the gateway to he said she said when someone broke a door and claimed it open. Furthermore - players can fall through floors - we all know it is a glitch. If there is an offline player accessible to you and clearly appears to have attempted logging out in a structure - do not kill or loot them.
Rip for the picking only applied to storage units not in any building / guarded by a form of base defense that you can gain access to without any destruction of any kind to structure beyond the storage unit itself.

ARK server defines as reason for defending honor, vengeance, or validated reason for complete destruction of another Tribe. This is meant to be more of a “RP” element factor so if you declare war keep
Declaring war is done public VIA the forms. ONLY TRIBE LEADER can Post a war declaration. (See the STICKY POST on War Declaration example for a post)
War declaration – Must have the reason of this declaration. You were raided, many of your tribe members have been attacked in open field this ends now, and/or they are trying to peruse your tribe members to come to theirs continuously.
War Peace Treaty Terms – Every war declaration must have a terms of settlement to avoid the war in a form of bounty and/or one on one leader (or a officiated CHAMPION) duel in public to be scheduled with a dino and hand to hand combat until death.
Alliance Tribes – – if your tribe is alliance with another and you (TRIBE LEADER) do not post a retraction of your alliance on the War declaration you are subject to all the acts of war and assistance/partition in Peace Treaty Terms and Enemy Tribe standards there forward.
Remember no one likes a flaky tribe leader when the tuff gets going choose your alliances wisely plus you’re not allowed to withdrawal your ALLIANCE after a war declaration until the war declaration has been resolved by wither the act or war or by peace treaty terms. (TRIBE must have public post PRIOR to War declaration to be listed. IF Public post is AFTER it must be within 24 hours of the WAR Declaration to be able to participate/assist in war)
You must allow a week from the declaration time frame before the date of war can be scheduled. War declaration scheduled time is to be within the allotted times posted (unless later posted by both tribes acceptance outside this).
If a war is scheduled the act of war is opened from time server has set with allowed raid/war times to the end. (This provides the element of surprise.)
Example: If you post on Wed a declaration of war – you cannot schedule that upcoming weekend because that does not allot a one week before event. It must be the following weekend.
The tribe begin declared war on the TRIBE LEADER ONLY options of public accepting or meeting the terms. HE/SHE also has the option of offering a revised peace treaty terms.
The tribe declaring war also can be subject to war from the tribe they declared as well. If you have scheduled war and the delcar-ee hits your base first – this is how war works. Delcar-ee / Declare-er are allowed to attack anytime within the raid/war times for the weekend they scheduled.

Both Tribes if any alliance tribes are also subject to this if they held their alliance on the declaration to either tribe.

ALL STRUCTURES / DINOS are subject to war. You can try to hide dinos / stash items. Be wary tribes in war could be stalking you…

After a war event – no further destruction or purposeful base tampering after the weekend can be done. Unless peace is founded after war on the TRIBE LISTINGS sticky for this server you will be listed as enemies.
Tribes that have went through war have to wait two weeks from war event (either by treaty or act of war) before declaring war again with that tribe or any other another tribe. You must have again a validated reason if a new tribe is involved.

It’s important to know if your tribe has enemies for anyone that may join. Enemies are just that. While you cannot violate the general rules of camping / dino taming tampering ect. Seeing the enemy tribe or their alliance tribe member in the open is a good reason to PVP.
It’s also important to know for any alliance tribes / future recruitees to another Tribe their enemies as well.
Again – remember to follow the general camping / tampering / douchbag-ery guidelines still.
Alliance tribes are not allowed to call off alliance / with drawl alliance if AFTER established to war declaration. Once war is resolved by either the act or by treaty terms – TRIBE LEADER only can post with drawl of alliance.

If the act of war commences the SERVER will reset between 9:30PM-10:30PM CST Sunday of the weekend time ending. For 24 HOURS the HARVEST AMOUNT AND RESPAWN RATE will be MAXED out for assistance in rebuilding.
AT 9:30PM-10:30PM CST MONDAY the server reset and the harvest amount/re-spawn setting will return to its prior settings as listed.

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