Ark Server 2016 General Rules

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Ark Server 2016 General Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:19 pm

If you are looking for a PvPvE server welcome. There will be player against player please read further. All we ask is that you are not a complete dick about it so while we do enjoy the possible unforeseen complication and some realism that comes with PvPvE. We want to set the server up so it is enjoyable to all players on it. This is to prevent all players alike not enjoying their gameplay so their time invested is not wasted. If you do not like the general rules, I would advise you find a different server before you end up banned.

You are subjected to follow these rules when playing in our servers unless told by an admin.

You must be 18. If you are younger than 18 you must have someone over the age is willing to vouch that you are mature enough to play and follow the rules in the game preferably a parent but it is not necessary.

-General Rules (Mandated)-subject to change upon player request

All new tribes must register the owner gamertag, player name and admins gamertag & character name to ARKSERVER2016 within 24 hours of creation
All NEW players must register character name with ARKSERVER2016 from gamertag within 24 hours

If your name is not on the list for the Census / Population any structures / dinos are open for destruction by ANY player on the SERVER. It is your responsibility to ensure you name is on this list and correctly spelled. If you thought you got a message to registrar and after 24 hours your name is not on that list - follow up likely the message didn't get through.


Server Admin has a job, has a family, and tries to keep server fun and regulated. Your duty is to watch the forum, keep updated, understand that if something is wrong with the server or happens suddenly it was not intentional.

Any unscheduled server restarts will do best to notify with Xbox message but not guaranteed. IF the server goes down - check the forums - if its not posted as upcoming notice then likely unexpected and a simple message to notify will help alert. (Keep in mind Admin has job to that might not be able to attend to till later in day) Everyone thus far has been very understanding to the minor hiccups we have experienced and hope this continues.


By definition killing any player excessively in a specific spot with no reason.

Camping Exemption:

   If you are being raided and you are re-spawning in beds that you have placed down prior to the raid. You are subject to be killed repeatedly as you are still considered a threat till you call mercy or the raid has concluded. **SEE FORUM POST ON RAIDING RULES


Actions imposed to the person without reason. Abusing anyone to the point that they cannot play the game for hours and eventually quitting the server is not allowed.

What is considered abuse?

Camping (is not frowned upon but doing it to the extent they cant even play for hours is)
Applying Narcotics excessively
Picking Players up with Flying Dinos excessively (we all can agree this is fun from time to time but there is a breaking point)
Excessive Base Destruction/Breach of Raiding Rules (see offline raiding rules)

Interference with a player taming a dino is not allowed.
Inflicting damage to lower effectiveness
Stealing food or any items to lower effectiveness

You must be next to the unconscious dino at all times , if left, the rule does not apply
If you are at war with a tribe and you are found taming, as long as someone from your tribe is standing next to the unconscious dino and is not participating in the battle, this rule still applies and opposing tribe must leave them alone.
If the player that is taming fires the first shot to a player, he or she violated this rule and can be attacked by that player if he or she wants to retaliate.


Areas currently OFFLIMITS to any structure or outpost building:
• Carno / Death Island
*Any dedicated Event AREA of permanent or temporary standings

Spam Building is prohibited.  
Exceptions and additional to this:
*This is building of structures and abandoning for new site/area. If you do find a better area you will be required to destroy the one you had started/are moving from.
*If you join a tribe and choose to move into the base this applies as well to the dwelling you had built prior
*Outposts are permitted within reason huge castles are not outposts. (This is not allowed on any listed OFFLIMIT areas) SEE OUTPOST FORUM STICKY FOR DETAILS
*Leaving small storage boxes in areas is okay in moderation.

     There is no event tampering of any kind with events that are scheduled. Items plays / structures temporarily placed for any upcoming events will have BILLBOARD OR SIGN stating FOR UPCOMING ARK EVENT. Any player caught tampering by others or admin can be banned but likely to get firm one time warning.
     Conduct is good sportsmanship. Most events will not allow player killing or dino or player to get ahead. No player will whine, hold grudge and reason for war, OR grief over loss. If you cannot handle loss or possible disadvantage then do not participate. We will try to make each event fair enough for all players new and old but ultimately we are having them for fun and get all players involved.

WAR / RAIDING RULES - There are rules see Raiding / War Forum

While we are working on how to keep this as fair as possible. Right now the rule is:
If a player has a dispute against another player for rule breaking / terrorizing the player reporting must do so within 24 hours.
To report - Currently working on this but for the time begin send a message to the ADMIN Gamertag ARKSERVER2016 and the characters name IF they are in a tribe we would need the tribe name and instance/reported offense.

FOR EVENTS specific rules SEE Event FORUMS – the scheduled event post will have rules specific to that event and participation that are in addition to our general rules here already listed
FOR RAIDING/WAR see RAIDING / WAR post/stickie for rules and guidelines

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