SERVER TRIBE - Rules / Information

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SERVER TRIBE - Rules / Information

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:06 pm

All Tribes must register with the gamertag ARKSERVER2016 their creation, character who is leader & gamertag and any/all ADMINS character name and gamertag as well

  Leaders and Admins of a tribe are expected to hold accountable and keep their tribe to following their own rules set forth but overall the server rules. Leaders/Admins are responsible to ensuring all of their tribe members are updated on any changed / altered rules as they are expected to keep updated regularly via the forums.

  If ever there is an incident and a member involved is in your tribe, you and your admins will be contacted to assist in handling the situation. Pending the nature of the action the punishment that could befall that member, and Tribe leaders / Admins have the ability to help ensure the punishment severity is less if they are involved.

 If we find a tribe that appears to be overstepping building rules or any other rule - again the contact will remain with Leader / Admins to get information on situation / resolve / correct.

  If we reach out to a tribes listed Leader / Admins and have no response within 24 hours via gamer tag, we will attempt again. If there is no response after another 24 hours all players/buildings will be cleaned up. IF you and your admins do plan to be away for a vacation or more than two day event would suggest messaging ARKSERVER2016.

   We hope that tribes encourage participation in events on server that come up for scheduling. The more participation the more events and even tribe specific events to come!


Your tribe is going to be listed under TRIBES ON SERVER sticky - you are welcome to message and keep this updated. There are required public knowledge on the post and other items TRIBE LEADER can have listed for all new people joining to know.
ONLY TRIBE LEADER and REPORTED admins of that tribe can change the tribe information. Admins must have been reported to SERVER ADMIN prior to them making the request or the request will not be done until TRIBE LEADER adds this person to ADMIN.
TRIBE LEADER: In Game Character name (will list gamer-tag if Tribe Leader approves)
Will list tribe admins if leader wants listed and their gamer tag. The only requirement is that the SERVER ADMIN has the list.
DESCRIPTION: General of what your guild is - aims for - if they are recruiting or willing to take new players

If a tribe alliance is done - a Public Post is required with notice of tribe alliance. Tribe alliance in the post MUST accept the alliance. The information will be updated once both parties have met this on the TRIBES ON SERVER POST.
Just as making an alliance a public post must be for an alliance with drawl. In most countries back in the day this is an act of war - if your not with us why would you withdrawl! Do know this is a act of war unless:
EXCEPTION: Tribe withdrawing has disbanded and the tribe leader has decided to go solo no other admin to take up the torch. This must be a public post of Tribe dissolution.

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