General Server Events on ARK Server (NOT SCHEDULED)

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General Server Events on ARK Server (NOT SCHEDULED)

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:05 pm

Around the ARK
Registered players compete will start at the start line coordinates and race around the ark collecting the designated items from the coordinates provided! Each box will be labeled specifically to that player and will gather all the items in their boxes to bring back to the start line! First player back is the first time will be Around the ARK champion and have a title to defend!
 There will be different versions of this event!
• Flight only Around the ARK
• Dino specific Race Around the ARK
• Water / Flight Race Around the ARK
More specifics for rules / regulations / registration to come when event is posted for a scheduled event!

ARK Club
First Rule about ARK Club don’t talk about Ark club, don’t talk about ark club.
Second rule you DO NOT talk about Ark Club.
Third rule, if player calls dino to passive or calls out over mic global chat “tap out” the fight is over and dinos go passive.
Fourth Rule, only two dinos at a time. Winning dino moves to next round.
Fifth Rule, one fight at a time.
Sixth Rule, fights go on as long as they have to until tap out or death of one dino.
Eight rule, all dinos must be empty of any items in their inventory.
Seventh Rule, if this is your first time at ARK club you have to fight, (If you did not bring a dino to fight you have to fight the highest level dino mount a participant has naked. Have more details with the event on this when a scheduled event is posted)

  This event when posted will have the dino for that upcoming ark club. Winner of that ARK club will be rewards in fat loot and hold the title of that dino series Ark Club until next tournament. The event will have more detail rules to event and information for that event at that time!
There will be allowed side betting in events but likely not the first few events
The dinos in ark club currently are:
• Gigantopithecus (big foots!)
• Mesopithecus (Monkeys)
• Dimorphodon
• Dodos
• Compys
*Possible larger dinos in time but for now these are the considered dinos to be planning upcoming events

ARK Gotta tame them all!
  Bring your taming elite-ness to this event. All registered players will be competing for the best tame. Pending the event if this will be dino specific or find the best dino and judged by level, color, and dino table to achieve the most points! The details and rules will be posted when the event is posted scheduled.
   The server setting will change to be more favorable for the player to achieve a great tame. So if nothing else participation for a great tame is a worthy reward on top of the title of ARK Master Tamer!

Other events that are scheduled as events on this server:
• Max XP
• Max Tame Speed
• Max Harvest Amount
• No dino/player stamina drain event

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