ARK Club - First Event - RESCHEDULED

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ARK Club - First Event - RESCHEDULED

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:06 pm

Due to the cruise and server complications while I was gone and such we need to reschedule this. I want to give everyone time to get their first ARK CLUB champion!

ARK Club Time: (Time will be more established closer but it WILL be between 5PM-9PM CST start time. End time - whenever fight club ends!)    
ARK CLUB Location - We are currently building the structure for this. There will be a billboard that says "Future Site of ARK Club" - if you come across this do not touch / add / or chance any of the area. This will be the permanent and future location of... ARK CLUB.
ARK Club Dino for this event: Cock Fights (Dodo)
ARK Club Dino Sex: Male
ARK Club Registration cut off: March 7th 2016


First Rule about ARK Club don’t talk about Ark club.
2.) You DO NOT talk about Ark Club.
3.) If player calls dino to passive AND calls out over mic global chat “tap out” the fight is over and dinos go passive. Remember pending on when this happens players are to make every effort to call off but if a dino results in death then tapping out should have been called sooner
4.) Only two dinos at a time. Winning dino moves to next round. This event ARK club is not death match only event. We save those for championship matches
5.) One fight at a time. Fights must be in the fight pen at the ARK Club building.
6.) Fights go on as long as they have to until tap out or death of one dino.
7.) You must register and attend with the dino (if specified) for this event.
8.) All dino's must be empty of any items in their inventory/armor before put into the fighting pen.
9.) if this is your first time at ARK club you have to fight, (If you did not bring a dino's to fight you have to fight the highest level dino's mount a participant has naked.)
10.) Dino is sex specific to not encourage mate boosting. You may only bring that sex dino and one dino per register.
11.) All Dinos must have a name and be registered to THAT name prior to the event and come present as such
12.) All players must be on time at the location. Once the door has closed - you are marked as forfeited

ARK Club Event Registration - How to

Reply to this post with:
Your name:
Your tribe name: (if you have one)
Your cocks color:
Your cocks name:
Your cocks background story:
Provide a screenshot of your cock from the game

    The server will reset one hour before event as the setting for this event will change for the duration of the event. (Those setting to be posted here at a later date) and then the server will re-reset back to its original settings.

Remember on the day of ANY event no WAR / RAIDING allowed. Disregard of any event rules on day of will not be tolerated.

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